19 de marzo de 2009


OSCAR TUBIO starts his activities as sportswear designer on December 21st, 1974, in the Galería Jardín ( Garden Shoping Mall ). The launch in the Argentinian market occurs under the trademark "LALYBELLA".-The costumbers persisting demands to be personally assisted by OSCAR shows the need to change the company's name.It is then considered the idea of relating the name OSCAR to Galería Jardín ( Garden Shoping Mall ).
This relation gives birth to EL JARDIN DE OSCAR ( Oscar´s Garden ).After forcing deep changes in sportswear and show business in Argentina the first international challenge arrives OSCAR is asked to take charge of CARLOS MONZON'S clothing.The Word Boxing Champion is chosen in PARIS , the capital of fashion, as the world best dressed sportsman.When BOCA JUNIORS FOOTBALL CLUB, winer of the American Cup has to play against the European Champion for the Clubs World Cup, OSCAR, with the agreement of Juan Carlos Lorenzo, the teams coach, approaches Alberto J. Armando, president of BOCA JUNIORS, with the idea of changing the team's uniform, he thinks of a new style which keeping the team's identity gives it a more powerful look inside the field, Mr. Armando accepts OSCAR'S initiative, convinced it will make his club a leader in taking the team's uniform as a new element of pressure on the rival and the projet has an enormous success: BOCA JUNIORS wins its first CLUB WORLD CUP.From then on, sports-wear manufactors, who have strongly fought against OSCAR'S ideas, decide to start changing their products, improving their quality.This original idea proposed by OSCAR arises from his inventive mind, after long conversations with FORMULA 1 drivers.He has found out about the importance colours have as element of psychological pressure in any sports game. International drivers, some of them world champions, explain to OSCAR how when racing at 300 Km/h if the car behind is black they can feel a much greater pressure thab that they feel when the car is white.The experience of proving that a sportsman or team who beside their talent can also count with a properly chosen uniform can clearly improve their performances has not get met a detractor. It has only felt the indifference of the ignorants or the envy of the incapable (how haven't i thought of it?).
"EL JARDIN DE OSCAR ( Oscar´s Garden ) ended its activities in March 2009, for reasons beyond their control.

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